About us

Who we are

My e-university (establishing), is developed a wonderful Rev. of SCORM based standards of a localized Learning Management System (LMS), while upgraded with a high speed engine and bilingual capability and even more languages.

Based on our vision of an extensive coverage over the globe, we have designed a very attractive system to compete with the current traditional universities in coverage the regions and more nations, quantity of student registration, studying expenses and the tutorial fees.

What we do:

Web-based system development:

  • SCORM-based system development
  • Cloud-based  training system development
  • Mobile based training system development

Distance learning developer:

  • Facilitate the distance learning for organizations and universities
  • Establisher of My e-university; A newly establishing university for everybody, everywhere, on all devices
  • Shareholder of Gil-university; A charity university

Green producer:

  • Universal green management innovator
  • Developer of creative projects for environmental protection

We eagerly shake your hand for:

  1. Student and professor exchange
  2. Establishing branches and mutual collaboration
  3. Accreditation of course and issue the joined awards
  4. Coordination scientific researches and studies between the two parties
  5. Planning and implementing joint e-courses, programs, short term courses and in the job training for experts and beginners
  6. Organizing conference programs and international events, using both parties facilities


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